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Events such as these have greater impact with corporate sponsorship. As such, we are seeking sponsors to support the event. Our partners will also have the opportunity to showcase their Inclusion & Diversity, Employee Engagement and Workplace Culture best practice.

There are a range of alternate sponsorship packages such as media, food, prizes and in-kind as well as the option to create a bespoke package that augments the organisations corporate responsibility and sponsorships strategy.

Our Sponsors

Founding Partners


MindTribes focusses on cultural diversity and inclusion from a humanistic and business perspective, leading organisations and leaders to be inclusive of their multicultural customer and employee in tangible ways that cause individual progression and business improvement.  We unlock untapped areas of improvement by leveraging behavioural economics and psychology.  We identify opportunities using targeted data collection, analytics and insights.


Advancing Women in Business & Sport Logo


Advancing Women provides research, advisory, capability building services on equality, inclusion and gender diversity. Advancing Women helps organisations close the leadership gender gap to enable more women to reach their full leadership potential. The Advancing women formula works from an advocacy perspective leveraging data and diagnostics to influence progress for women from all diversity backgrounds.


Proudly Supporting
UN Sustainable Development Goals

CDW are working actively on Goal 5 (Gender Equality) and Goal 10 (Reduced Inequality) of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Acknowledgement to Country

At CDW, we pay our respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia.  Representing the oldest living culture in the world, First Nations people have been the traditional custodians of this land for more than 65000 years. Australia, is the only commonwealth country that does not have a signed treaty (a formal agreement with the government and Indigenous people). We at CDW are committed to ensuring that we are inclusive of First Nation Women – we have and always will sponsor these women into our Masterclass at no charge.