Culturally Diverse Women

CDW (Culturally Diverse Women) is a joint venture between MINDTRIBES and Advancing Women in Business & Sport.

Co-Founders of CDW are Vick & Div Pillay and Michelle Redfern. CDW was formed in March 2017 to address the significant under-representation of culturally diverse women in senior leadership roles in Australia.

On the 5th of October, 2017 Christine Nixon former Victorian Police Commissioner launched CDW at Melbourne’s Immigration Museum with 90 CALD People who self-identify as culturally and linguistically diverse – includes Indigenous, Aboriginal and Torres straits Islander peoples; first and second generation migrants (Usually Non- Anglo Celtic/Saxon)* women who were nominated into the group.  These women will support each other to navigate the organisational barriers faced due to their gender and culture.

In February 2018, CDW shared key trends and recommendations to both big business and government in an effort to push for inclusion.

Masterclass Sessions

The CDW flagship program is their Masterclass series of four sessions attended by a curated cohort of 20-30 selected culturally diverse women.  So far the program has supported over 360 women from 25 cultural heritages to navigate their personal, leader and organisational barriers as a result of the gender & culture bias experienced. 

Masterclasses are organisation specific. Register your interest below and we will get in touch with your specified contact in order to discuss details and make it a reality. Then you or your contact can enlist 20-30 other participants for your class.

Masterclass Outline:

  • Masterclass 1: Identify Cultural Heritage: Strengths and Opportunities:
  • Masterclass 2: Goal Setting with the Complexity of being a Culturally Diverse Women
  • Masterclass 3: Developing Your Online and Offline Brand
  • Masterclass 4: Creating Advocacy Inside your organisation; leveraging your brand and activating allies and advocates

To date:

Women supported through the program

Cultural heritages

“Only 15 of all 1,482 CEOs; 44 of all 2,327 senior executives; 188 of all 7,491 directors and 55 of all 1,350 CFOs are culturally diverse women.”

— Diversity Council Australia 2017

Upcoming Masterclass Sessions

Openings for 2021/22 CDW Masterclass sessions are below.
Specific dates are confirmed with your organisation at the time of booking.

  • June 2021
  • September 2021
  • Early Dec 2021
  • March 2022
  • June 2022

What participants are saying…

Success Story

“I joined CDW because of the diversity of program facilitators, participants, presenters and learning. Masterclasses are focused on what really matters to progress, everything is carefully prepared and targeted to make the best impact. Knowing how to avoid sabotaging ourselves is so valuable.  I explored many programs to see what inclusion and belonging looks and feels like and here is where I found it. ”

Senior Finance Leader,
Large Bank

CDW Masterclass

Expression of Interest


Proudly Supporting
UN Sustainable Development Goals

CDW are working actively on Goal 5 (Gender Equality) and Goal 10 (Reduced Inequality) of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Acknowledgement to Country

At CDW, we pay our respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia.  Representing the oldest living culture in the world, First Nations people have been the traditional custodians of this land for more than 65000 years. Australia, is the only commonwealth country that does not have a signed treaty (a formal agreement with the government and Indigenous people). We at CDW are committed to ensuring that we are inclusive of First Nation Women – we have and always will sponsor these women into our Masterclass at no charge.